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Japanese cats share their quench their thirst

14 cats now live in the Japanese cat flat share around Osamu, Momo, Musashi and Co. - and a dog. Golden Retriever puppy Kuuta joined a few months ago. In this video, the residents quench their thirst, each in their own way.

Kuuta enjoys a fresh shower from the garden hose outside and sip the water drops with relish. He doesn't care that the young Golden Retriever is soaking wet. Simply shake thoroughly - the fur is almost dry again.

The cats take it a little more elegantly. They prefer to drink from the sink or the flowing tap. The red tiger cat Kojiro, for example, holds its fleecy paw under the water jet and then licks it off.

His son Maru, on the other hand, prefers to drink from the sink. Then Kojiro becomes a little braver and dares to lick up the water jet directly. So everyone has their own special method.

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