Cat dispute after the vet: how to avoid it

A cat that comes from the veterinarian is usually stressed and scared - it gets worse when her companion at home suddenly greets her with hissing, ruffled fur, and unwillingness to argue. This is usually due to the strange smell that is inherent in a house tiger after visiting the vet. He is uncomfortable and strange to the other cat. One way to avoid quarrels: Take both cats to the vet - Shutterstock / gurinaleksandr

When cats share an apartment, i.e. a territory, they get used to each other and usually enter into a trusting and friendly relationship. Problems can arise if one of the animals leaves the area for a while - for example, for a visit to the vet. If the velvet paw comes back, it smells different and is suddenly no longer identifiable as a group member for the other cat. This can cause unrest, quarrels and even cat fights. There are several ways to deal with this problem.

Take both cats with you to avoid quarrels

If it can be set up, you can simply take both velvet paws with you to the vet. On the one hand, this keeps the risk of disputes after the visit low. On the other hand, make sure that the visit to the veterinarian is likely to be less stressful for your cat: the closeness of her familiar companion calms her. In addition, a routine visit like going to vaccination has another advantage: The treatment can be done on both animals and you only need to go to the vet once.

Temporary spatial separation

If it is not possible for you to take both cats to the vet, a short spatial separation can make sense. If you put your pet in a separate room as a precaution after the vet returns, you will save him stress and trouble. The "sick room" should be equipped with a litter box, a water bowl and a place to rest and hide. Give your cat the time it takes to recover from the stress there. After about an hour or two, the excitement will surely be over.

So that your room tiger gets rid of the vet smell during this time, you can put a blanket that the animals use often on your cat's sleeping place. If you allow it, you can also use it to stroke her skin from time to time.

Bring the cats back together

If you notice that your little veterinarian is doing much better, you can open the door and bring your cats together. Make sure that you don't spread any unnecessary excitement and treat your cats the same way you always do: Your rest is transferred to your velvet paws. Play with or feed the two to help the two quickly become the old Dream team again.

Important: If one of your pets has been anesthetized, you should act in a particularly responsible manner. In this case, you should not take any risks and let the mostly still dazed animal under its loving supervision be fully awake before you let it back to its companion.

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