The Javanese: A cuddly Orientalin

The Javanese is a beautiful, oriental long-haired cat with a great need for closeness and an intelligent, playful character. Adaptable and friendly as it is, it fits wonderfully into an animal-loving family that is there for them a lot. A beautiful Javanese enjoys the sun - Image: Shutterstock / Monika Wroblewska Plocka

The Javanese is not only characterized by its almond eyes and beautiful long fur, but also by its uncanny human-related character. She loves cuddling and cuddling above all and shows quite clearly if you miss out on the togetherness: she reacts snapped and it may take some convincing until she is merciful to her owners again.

Smart, curious and playful: the Javanese

With this velvet paw, you are dealing with an extraordinarily playful and curious nature. She loves to be in the front row of events of any kind and to examine drawers and shopping bags. In addition, she is usually always available for fun: hunting feather fishing, kicking balls and other popular cat games are her favorite pastimes. Smart as the cat is, she also quickly learns tricks and tricks - at least if her loved ones know how to convey them to her in a playful way.

Cat with a versatile character

The Javanese likes to move and due to her keen interest in the environment she can often be found at an observation post by the window. Most representatives of this breed are also very talkative and are known for expressing their mood with a wide range of meow sounds.

Burma, Siam and Co: exotic cat breeds

Before you buy a Javanese, you should bear in mind that this cat not only hates loneliness, but also suffers greatly from it. If you observe the meek, loving animals in their daily routine, the reason is quickly apparent: they simply need to be close to humans and animals for their well-being. Apart from this important limitation, the velvet paw is very adaptable.

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