Chow-Chow: Tips for keeping the dog

The Chow-Chow is a versatile dog, whose multifaceted character also makes a few special demands on the attitude. This breed is only of limited use to inexperienced dog owners. The Chow-Chow is a dog that loves long trips - Picture: Shutterstock / PonomarenkoNataly

First of all, the chow chow needs enough space due to its size. A large city apartment, or even better, a house with a garden, is ideal for its keeping, because this dog loves to have its own territory. A garden should definitely have enough shady spots, because in summer the chow-chow with its thick fur depends on it.

Keep the chow busy

When it comes to cuddling and playing, this four-legged friend is only enthusiastic to a certain extent - he prefers to just go for a walk and needs a lot of exercise every day - his freewheeling should be enjoyed with caution, however, because you should allow for a little hunting instinct with this dog. A very good dog training and socialization is not only a must because of this, but also because of his awakening.

His rather stocky physique and thick fur do not make this dog the ideal athlete - dog sports like agility are therefore more likely to be left to his fitter colleagues.

Very important for this dog: grooming

Its dense, fluffy fur is one of the most striking external features of the Chow-Chow and it requires very good care so that it does not get caught or matted. You should brush it thoroughly several times a week (at least two or three times) and make sure you include this extra time before you buy it.

Chow-Chow: A fluffy dog ​​from China

Dietary supplements for healthy skin and a beautiful coat of hair are also a very good idea for a dog with so much fur and help him a lot, especially when changing fur.